About us

Viviane Ehrli de Sepibus

How it all started.


I started my own business shortly after my degree as an art historian (European and Asian art history).  Over the period of two decades I ran my own art gallery in the international market.

Additionally, I imparted my knowledge as adult educator for language- and culture coaching, with my own culture- and travel projects. Extended group tours were undertaken repeatedly to China, Japan and Tibet.

The trips allowed for a lot of variety and new international encounters, but the effort was costly.

The language- and culture coaching gave me inner contentment but it was too time consuming.


The gallery work in the international contemporary art market was my painful passion. For 25 years I was a prisoner of my own company. I was self-employed and directed by others, dependent on the stock market and the moods of the clientele, constantly liaising between independent artists and self-willed collectors, nevertheless in love with my chosen 12-hour-career day. Nobody and nothing could keep me from it. I was a classic workaholic.


One day I asked myself: Is this everything?


My life seemed to me like “a bottomless pit”. To read a book in peace, to do regular sports, to take active part in family life, whilst consciously experiencing it, or to learn a new language, all this took place beyond my everyday life. I had turned into a background actor in my own life.


Something had to change.


I was searching for opportunities, more life time for me and my family. FOREVER came into my life, my present-day partner company. I found a meaningful and satisfying activity, a new business, which I could build together with my family and team partners.

FOREVER is the solution.


At the beginning I worked at my new business part-time and reduced existing commitments. It worked because the high quality of these ingenious lifestyle products, which fit perfectly into our every-day life, delighted me and my new customers.

My new business partners were and are enthusiastic about the fair win-win business model. This makes it possible for them to achieve more freedom and an interesting additional income. They are also again able to fulfill a personal desire, which previously seemed like just a vague dream. Little by little, I gave up my traditional jobs, and am now benefiting from this fair opportunity FOREVER full-time.


With time team I experience pure lifestyle.


Today I am able to work independently as entrepreneur and mentor – worldwide. What has been a dream, has now become reality. My every-day life – professional and personal - is in balance again: An above-average income, not just now and again anymore but regularly. A lot of time for family and friends, new and spontaneous things, whenever I feel like it. The best thing is: Global independence of location and financial freedom.


There is nothing better than spending time with family and good friends, wherever and as often as I want. I enjoy traveling around the world without any time and money limitations. It's reassuring to know that with all these activities, a regular and passive income provides for my financial security.


This is why I share this ingenious business model FOREVER, often and with pleasure, with everyone who expects more from life than mediocrity.


time team can be pure lifestyle for you too.

"Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits."

— Thomas Alva Edison

Hanspeter de Sepibus

My start in life.


Born and happy childhood years in the Alps. In the Valais, the most beautiful mountainous region in Europe, I learned from an early age within a close-knit large family, to handle the together – for each other, with responsibility and team spirit.


We, the children, went to school from October to March for half of the year. From spring until autumn, the livestock animals and their minders, which included the children, were on the Alps. These were educational years, providing profound experiences herding goats and cows, milking, helping to make cheese and being included in all the tasks, amidst beautiful nature.

The older, more experienced family members, passed on their knowledge through generations to the young.

My grandfather, a wise man and role model to everyone, taught us early on to work and make decisions independently.

My father taught us sports and fairness. In our region plains were scarce, but there were plenty of mountains and a lot of snow in winter.


At some point the batteries were empty!


As a young competitive athlete I learned to fight and persevere. I received a good basic education at convent schools. After surviving the year of 1968 unscathed, I trained for- and pursued my dream career in New York. From the mid-eighties back in Switzerland, Zurich and Zug, as self-employed architect, interior designer, designer, for 20 years I had “no time”. Dictated by clients, highly qualified staff, deadlines to be met before the actual start, responsible for everything and everyone, the first one in the morning and the last at night, for everyone present around the clock.

FOREVER gives me energy again.


In the summer of 2002, we decided to approach our second half of life in a different way. We finally wanted more time, more life time for the both of us. FOREVER came into our lives. After Viviane, who, as a historian, learnt to research, knew that this family company was stable and secure, our life with FOREVER began.

Lifestyle, - health and wealth – is exactly what so many people are looking for: The opportunity to choose, to take control over your life.

We have found it, are grateful and know what the unique products and the solid business strategy FOREVER mean to us. What we have today, we will pass on to many more people.


FOREVER is FOREVER. Leading a good life in independence. Leave traces for FOREVER.


It is known that cats have nine lives. We humans definitely have two. The first one before FOREVER, and the second one with FOREVER.


We love and appreciate our independent partners. Friends help friends in a dynamic team.


Choose your secure future. It doesn’t matter who you are, only who you want to be. Join time team, work with the best – strong together.

“In order to maintain a high performance, never stop being better.”

— Hanspeter de Sepibus